Top Trails in Cornwall For Mountain Biking

Top Trails in Cornwall For Mountain Biking

Cornwall is the perfect destination for an active and adventure-filled holiday. Beyond the usual exciting water activities, you can also explore the breathtaking surroundings on two wheels. It is a quicker way to see the views compared to hiking, and biking can be very exhilarating.

There are many places to rent a mountain bike if you did not bring yours with you. Once you have your ride, you can choose from these trails for an awesome and unforgettable ride.

1. The Bodmin Beast Cycle Trail

This 12-kilometer long trail is new and is for more experienced bikers, exactly as the name implies. You will need the skill to tackle the climbs and the speedy descents. You will also face snaking trails and spots that will test your technical capabilities. However, if you prefer to take it slow, then you can choose a more relaxed route at Cardinham Woods.

2. Goss Moor Cycle Trail

This route is perfect if you love nature, which is a surprise given its history. Goss Moor used to be a motorist’s nightmare but thanks to the rerouting of the A30 and the new dual highway, it has been transported into a ride close to nature. The trail is an easy, 12-kilometer round circular route that crosses to the Goss Moor National Nature Reserve, where you can spot the native plants and animals thriving in the area. The ride is very easy and flat, so you can concentrate on looking at the views instead of the biking.

3. The Great Flat Lode

The name gives a hint to its location. The Great Flat Lode cycle trail, which is a 12-kilometer circular route, is located in the historic Camborne-Redruth mining district, meaning it is part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site. The “Lode“ in the name is from the lode of tin found in this area which was lying at a 30-degree angle as opposed to the usual 70 degrees. The ride is full of memories from the glory days of Cornwall, including what remains of the engine houses and the views of the last functioning tin mine.

4. The Camel Trail

This is a great biking adventure for the whole family because it is completely flat. It follows an old railway line for a total of 18 miles. Thus, whether your little ones are still experts on the bicycle or whether you have kids riding with you. The best part is that it goes to Padstow, the so-called foodie heaven, so you can all grab something to eat afterward.

5. Tamar Trails

The Tamar Trails is the beginning of the 25-kilometer long trail through the Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which is part of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site. You can enjoy visiting what remains of the old mines and try out the trail activities. If you have the time, park your bike and take a canoe trip at the Tamar Valley.

Riding a bike is something you never forget, so even if it has been decades since your last time, you can try out mountain biking in Cornwall for a unique experience. The ride itself is exhilarating and allows you to see the sights from a different perspective.

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