Best Cornish Spots to Learn Stand-Up Paddleboarding


Perfect for newbies especially in calmer waters, the River Helford is always a favourite spot for those who would like to learn or even hone their skills in stand-up paddleboarding. The waters can be serene, much like that of a lake. But what is really amazing about the place is that it provides you an Instagrammable view of the Falmouth Bay coastline. Plus it's an amazing place to stay at nearby holiday cottages and vacation rentals in Helford or Falmouth. The river banks are lined with trees while the creeks that branch from the main body are also inviting for the more advanced paddlers. In low tide, one can easily sit on the paddleboard and start picking oysters below the water surface, although you’d have plenty of competitors in the herons that flock the field as well as oyster catchers hoping to take full advantage of the bounty.

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