Spring Activities in Cornwall

Spring Activities in Cornwall

Spring is coming, and do you know what that means? It means going out and enjoying the sun! At Cornwall you can do more than just walk around, even if this in itself is already a great thing to do. You can breathe in the cool spring breeze while taking in the sites of blooming trees and buzzing insects.

At Cornwall, the outdoors are a must-go especially if you’re there during the season of hope and new beginnings. Aside from the scenery, there are also a lot of festivities happening around. If you want to know what a blooming spring really feels like, take a look at these sites to visit.

1. Gardens of Cornwall

Home of the daffodils, spring brings new life to the gardens of Cornwall. This sub-tropical foliage functions year-round but only every explodes in color during the spring. The Magnolia Campbellii Champion trees is quite a sight as these rare majestic trees luminate the breathing and very much alive gardens of Cornwall.

2. Surfing

Although not for everyone surfing can be quite an enjoyable activity around the beaches of Cornwall. Aside from the fresh and salty smell of the ocean breeze, the waves are also perfect for surfing. During the spring, don’t be surprise if surfers from around the globe travel all the way to Cornwall to catch the waves.

3. Bluebells

Perhaps nothing could truly paint a perfect picture of Cornwall but these flowers. Not only do they decorate the country of Cornwall, they also give it its rich natural color. “Wild Hyacinths” are another way to call these beautiful flowers that spring to life around the country of Cornwall.

4. Scilly Isles

To the birdwatchers out there, this might be your favorite spot to visit! This interesting place surely is a sight to see. This place isn’t quite accessible during the winter which is why aside from having its natural charm during spring, it is also the best time to visit because of how perfect the weather is.

5. The Beach

Almost having that tropical flavor to a very European location is something that makes the beaches of Cornwall unique. With its marvelous white sand beaches and the smell of the salty wind in the air. The beaches of Cornwall is exactly where you’d want to be.

6. Spring Festivals

Last but not the least, the festivals of Cornwall. During the spring, there are events that celebrate 100s of years of pagan culture and these make for an interesting experience. Live in the days of the old and experience what it was really like when you join these festivals.

Cornwall is a place of nature and heritage which is why the mere appreciation of its natural sceneries alone could keep you entertained and your longing for wonder fulfilled. These are but a few activities that should be enough to keep you curious about the county of Cornwall and why it may be your best bet this spring. Lose yourself in the beauty and indulge yourself in the festivity of the county of Cornwall.

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