Our Favorite Surf Spots in Cornwall

Our Favorite Surf Spots in Cornwall

If you love surfing as much as we do, then you are in luck. You can find some great waves to try out without having to travel outside of the country. When you go to Cornwall, you enter the surf centre of the UK, with many surf schools catering to those who want to try out the water.

Surfing has become a favorite sport of mine since I tried it out as a teen, and I have influenced some of my friends and family into loving the waves as well. Thanks to the easy accessibility of Cornwall and its wonderful surfing spots, we have become frequent visitors to these spots.

1. Trevone Bay

Unlike other beaches where the waves can be unpredictable and thus dangerous for amateurs, Trevone Bay is exposed and have consistent waves. Still, it is only recommended during low tide and surfers have to watch out for the huge rocks.

2. Diggory’s Island

One of the things I hate is going to surf spots where there is a crowd. You will definitely not be able to have a great ride when there are too many people on the water. This is my favorite secret spot but it is not for the beginner. You also need to go down 150 plus steps and the tide can make it challenging, so stick to low tide conditions.

3. Constantine Bay

This a popular beach for both surfers and non-surfers, so the entire family can spend the perfect summer day together and have a great time. You may have to walk from the village due to limited parking but it is definitely worth it when you stay awhile.

4. Booby’s Bay

If you get tired of Constantine Bay, then head over to Booby’s Bay. It is also good for more experienced surfers. Just make sure to avoid the high tide because the beach tends to disappear quickly.

5. Gwithian

This is another favorite of ours because it is very quiet. There is not much to see here, just a shop and a small cafe, plus a few parking spots. Still, it is perfect for beginners because the waves are gentle and consistent. On the other side, though, the waves are rougher so more experienced surfers also have something to try out.

6. Perranporth Beach

This beach is actually connected to Penhale Beach, and the two make up one of the longest beaches in Cornwall. It also offers exciting waves and beautiful scenery. The town has some more to offer as well, which makes it a better destination for a holiday. Don’t miss out on the beach bar The Watering Hole, which is directly on the beach. You can drink while enjoying the views.

7. Praa Sands

This is quiet and deserted even in summer, although there may be some visitors during the summertime. Still, this is nothing like the popular Cornish beaches which can get packed. Thus, it is a great spot for surfers trying to avoid crowds. The bay is quite exposed, though, so the heavy winds can make the waves rough and inconsistent.

In my many years of surfing, I must have visited almost all of the surfing beaches in Cornwall. Of all of them, these are our favorite and are must-see for beginner and expert surfers.

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