Apr 12

We Saved $10K Today

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We saved $10K by driving for a couple of hours today.

This Jayco Bunkhouse is currently on eBay on a no-reserve auction ending in an hour and a half or so. 

The trailer is located about an hour and a half from us here in Holland - and is a floorplan that looks interesting to us.  After looking at the photos we were interested in the trailer-but figured with it being so close it was worth a drive to see in person.

This definitely was a good decision. 

I don’t think the trailer is necessarily misrepresented, but while it looks decently clean in the photos in person you could tell that it just wasn’t well-loved.  Cabinets had large gouges, carpet had stains in it, and I was worried that the linoleum that was mentioned as “coming loose” was a sign of possible moisture issues since it was right next to the bathroom and tub.  There were also curtains showing mildew, trim coming off, and a small crack in a wheel housing trim piece.

Add that to a seller who didn’t seem motivated to either say much (I asked but didn’t really get an answer of how she came to be in possession of it) or do much (a quick hose and vacuum job would have done wonders) to earn the sale and we just weren’t motivated to bid. 

I’ve a feeling this is a bank repo unit that was bought cheap and is being flipped.  It’s not that I think that’s not a valid way of making money - but at least put a little elbow grease into the unit and be upfront about the situation.

On the plus side - the floorplan was favorable, the higher ceiling heights in 5th wheel trailers definitely make them feel bigger, and we were also able to tour (and rule out) another make/floor plan we had been considering.

So -even though we killed an afternoon making the drive it was time well spent.

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