Sep 12

Trading Spaces Complete

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Today we finalized the living area of the trailer, moving in the replacement seating and a new storage cabinet.

Just as a reminder - here is how the living area of the trailer came as-purchased.  This is a very typical arrangement, with both table and couch designed to make down into beds:

We removed all of it and sold it via Craigslist.  This allowed us to start with a blank slate:

We realized that some chairs that we had in our living room (and had planned to get rid of as part of this trip) might work as trailer furniture.  They are “Chadwick Lounge Furniture” from HermanMiller, and we’ve had them for years.  They are low, all-foam, and have been great kid-friendly pieces. The nice thing is they are armless, which means you can separate them as individual seats or push them together for a small love seat.  While the covers were looking their age, the foam structure was in great shape yet.  A quick test-fit confirmed that they would work well in the space.  We found a local friend of a friend who could recover them, sourced some industrial fabric at the HermanMiller company store ($23!) and now they’re in place and looking great:

To that we added some Ikea Poang chairs.  Here’s the arrangement in travel mode - it all fits against the wall so the slide-in can still work correctly:

To make up for some of the lost dinette storage we purchased two 1’ x 1’ x 30” wall mount cabinets from Lowes, bolted them together, gave them a couple coats of polyurethane, and made a top surface from wood stained black and given several coats of polyurethane.  This cabinet is secured to both the floor and the wall.  The nice thing is with the freestanding chairs once we are parked and the slide-out is out we can re-arrange the furniture for a much roomier living area:

The trailer is really feeling much more livable with comfortable spots for everyone to sit, and the ability to stretch out legs without feeling like you’re blocking a walk way or blocking someone in the the kitchen.

The biggest puzzle will be if we need to eat inside.  To that end we will have a small folding table along with some Tupperware trays that we’ll attempt to make do with.  Otherwise the plan is to eat outside as much as possible.

The only remaining purchase is a HermanMiller Scooter Stand for use as an additional table and laptop stand while working.  Luckily we can source used ones locally for about 1/10 of the price of them new on Amazon.

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