Aug 9

Rear Utility Lights

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Four trips to Tractor Supply later (don’t ask) I finally have the rear utility lights installed.

I had a couple of reasons for doing these; one is that with the installation of the onboard air compressor I was already doing most of the wiring needed for these.  I had another spot in the switch panel, and one of these lights in my junk pile.

Another is that with the Florida tint on the windows it’s hard to see when backing up at night.  We like the tint for keeping the interior cool and maybe a bit more secure, but seeing when backing up is pretty important too.

Lastly - while we don’t plan to be setting up the trailer at night I’m figuring it will happen at some point, so I’m hoping these will make that easier by being able to see the trailer tires and jacks while still connected to the truck:

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