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Aug 9, 2010

Rear Utility Lights

Four trips to Tractor Supply later (don’t ask) I finally have the rear utility lights installed.

Aug 8, 2010

On-Board Air Compressor Installation

I’m a bit spooked about tire trouble while on this trip - when we owned the Disastermobile it seemed every outing included limping into a rest area or parking lot and calling roadside service for tire issues.

I know many tire issues are caused by improper inflation - and this quote strikes to the heart of the issue.

85 percent of all tire air pressure losses are the result of slow leaks that occur over a period of hours, days, or months. NHTSA

I’m guilty of it as well - not checking tire pressure as often as I should, even with compressed air available literally three feet in front of the truck when it’s in the garage.  As I started thinking about this trip I had nasty visions of attempting to finagle the truck and trailer combination into gas stations to check the tire pressure.  I had already put on on-board air compressor on my previous Jeep, and knew that decent-quality 12v pumps were now available for under $100, so set out to outfit our tow vehicle with a similar setup.


Aug 1, 2010

Quiet. Like the Tide.

Don’t let the recent lapse in posting here fool you into thinking we’ve gotten complacent.  Quite the opposite.

Jul 19, 2010

Temperatures by Month/Location

What the internet can’t answer, good friends with the right data can. 

Jul 11, 2010

Onboard Air

I had an onboard air setup on my Jeep—and it seemed like something similar for the truck would be even handier when we are traveling fulltime.  Should have pulled it off the Jeep before selling…but since I didn’t I just ordered one of these 12v units as they have been well-used by the off-road crowd.  They have some faults but the fixes are well-documented in discussion forum threads like this.

The truck has a nice open spot under the hood on the passenger side that I’m hoping the unit will fit into - I’ll hardmount it, and run an air line to the rear bumper for a connection point that’s mid-way between the truck and trailer.

Hopefully this setup will save us the hassle of trying to maneuver the truck and trailer around to check tire pressures at a gas station.

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