Feb 19 2011

San Antonio Area

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Golden sunset over some choice Canyon Lake RV spots.

Golden sunset over some choice Canyon Lake RV spots.

We left the Rio Grande Valley and headed north to the San Antonio area. Tim and Stephanie Sheaffer of Give Every Day were camping in Canyon Lake, TX, and we wanted to meet up with them before continuing west.

Upon the recommendation of the Ticknor family, we stayed two nights at Potter’s Creek Park (a US Army Corp of Engineers park). Mike enjoyed watching the deer graze while eating his own breakfast and was able to sit out under the awning and work—although the buzzing bees kept him multi-tasking, a bit. The campground was booked for the rest of the weekend, so we moved on Friday to a private park closer to San Antonio.

Our route to the new park took us by the Jellystone Park where the Scheaffer family was camping. We stopped for a few hours of conversation and a delicious lunch. Thank you Tim, Stephanie and girls for your hospitality (and thanks, Miss K, for making sure I had a plate after my husband took mine).

After settling in to our new site at Stone Creek RV and taking an hour of down time (naps and/or reading) we headed to San Antonio’s Riverwalk for the evening. We ate a delicious dinner at Rio Rio and enjoyed a stroll along the water. Mike and I would have loved to stay later and catch the Jim Cullum Band live at The Landing (we enjoyed them two years ago), but the kids and I were feeling whipped.

We originally planned to stay one night at this campground, but decided to stay two to catch up on laundry, food shopping, work, schoolwork, and rest (fighting this cold is draining).

Tomorrow we continue heading west.


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