Oct 12 2010


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Covered bridge by park

Covered bridge by park

We wanted to visit Philadelphia, so found a campground that looked (before we learned about Philly traffic and construction) about 35 minutes outside of downtown.

We assume the roads in this area are based on pre-automotive horse and buggy tracks.  I’ve never seen so many houses and structures so close to the roads, which are already narrow, twisting and overgrown.  Add in barns with stone hedges and the area feels quite English - which makes sense given its history.

The campground was located next to a historic covered bridge and grist mill.  It also featured “Louise the Stalker Duck” who was fearless, and approached anyone who moved for anything edible.

We spent four nights here, in spite of an unavailable campground owner, wifi that went down after the thunderstorm that rolled through our first night there, and wild cats that would come make a mess out of any trash bag left out for pickup.

While the woods were pretty and the surrounding structures photogenic, it continued our “mudhole camping” experience.  We were lucky to have a gravelled site, as the people across from us left some pretty good trenches just trying to get a small pop-up out of their campsite.

In spite of our experience the park was filling up for the weekend as we left.


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  1. Picture of Phil L.

    Phil L. writes:

    I love the “bobbers in tree branch” photo: Color and composition are on the money. Plus, it reminds me that a surprising amount of gear in my tackle box comes from “rescued” items left behind by others…

    Posted on October 19, 2010
  2. Picture of Boyink

    Boyink writes:

    Thanks Phil!  That tree had at least 3 other clumps of tackle..;)

    Posted on October 19, 2010

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