Jan 21 2012

Happy 15th Data!

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Data and Storybird in the new Teen Room

Data and Storybird in the new Teen Room

We’ve never been big on birthday parties.  We had a couple when the kids were younger and grew weary of the planning, execution and cost.  For many years we’ve instead done “family days” where the birthday person gets breakfast of their choice (anything - even ice cream), a morning activity, lunch out at a restaurant of their choice, and then an afternoon activity.

Since Data has a January birthday we’ve gone to aquatic centers, spent the night at a hotel with a pool, places with big inflatables, etc.

Last year while we were traveling Data’s birthday came while we were in Atlanta.  The plan was some traveling Grandparents were going to stop by and treat him to some special activities.  Then the big ice storm hit, Grandparents couldn’t make it in due to the weather and his birthday turned into a crappy little storebought cake and a Redbox movie.  He was disappointed but handled it well.

This year we were inclined to make it up to him a bit and splurge on a party for him and his friends.  It got a bit delayed due to work schedules and life schedules, but today found us playing laser tag, eating pizza, playing snow football, eating ice cream cake and playing Uno Attack. 

Happy 15th Data!  And yes, I know what this means.




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