Sep 27 2010

Arriving Destination.  Or Not.

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Campsite View

Campsite View

There are three things we said we didn’t want to do on this trip:

  • Drive more than four hours.
  • Setup in the dark.
  • Setup in the rain.

Well, we totally nailed all three on the first stop. 

We have friends to visit and a business event in Columbus so we just wanted to push through and get to the campground we had chosen.  It looked to be roughly 4.5 hours of driving, but then we had to stop for an hour for my conference call and lunch.  Then add a gas stop.  Then add my mistake of putting in a “N” instead of a “S” in the destination address and we didn’t get out of the truck at the campground until around 6:30 PM.

By the time we got checked in, dumped our sewage and filled up with fresh water it was dark by the time we were setting up camp.  I’m still new at parking this rig, and between that, the darkness, the rain, and the truck’s tinted windows I didn’t do so well at getting us in place quickly.  The part of the park we are in looks empty - with the exception of the camp host who is right across the street.  I’m sure we provided some great entertainment…

But - we are here and finally feeling like we are off on our own, doing this thing we’ve been thinking of and planning for since last November.  So far it also kind of feels like we are on vacation (sadly it’s been almost 3 years since we spent time camping in any way).

We’re hoping the rain ends soon - it’s revealed a slight leak in the roof of the slide-out unit.  I suspected an issue so have a caulk gun and tube of caulk with me.  Once we’re all dried out I’ll see if I can’t button up that issue. 

The rain kept me up a while last night so I had time to reflect on our trip so far.  A number of people have commented on the issues we’ve had and how disappointing it must be - but under it all I have a small smile on my face.  One of my prayers before heading out on this trip was that we’d recognize the adventure when we were in it - and I think we have.  We’ve had challenges and have overcome them as a family and been successful.  We’ve played cards, read maps, discussed routes, and had kids busting guts in the backseat (sometimes potty humor is well worth it..). I think in the space of a two days we’ve had a great taste of the year in front of us.

We’re looking forward to catching up with a small number of friends while in the area - so I’m hoping future posts will be less about the technicalities and challenges of this endeavor and more about the benefits.

Well, it looks like the rain has ended, I’m caught up on email, and there’s a (wet) park to explore and possibly a science museum in Columbus to visit.



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  1. Picture of John Knotts

    John Knotts writes:

    Not sure which way you’re headed, but I have all kinds of connections in the Pittsburgh area (my hometown), if you need anything.

    Glad you’re enjoying the adventure… we’re talking about when we can do the same ;-)

    Posted on September 28, 2010
  2. Picture of Boyink

    Boyink writes:

    Thanks John - much appreciated!

    Posted on September 29, 2010

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