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May 3, 2014

Mammoth Cave National Park

Having a picnic in the park

Our first year of traveling we had an accident on I65 in the Mammoth Cave area. We have been back through the spot at least once since, and the only thing on our minds was the accident, how lucky we felt, yet what a hassle it was. On our trek north out of Florida we again found ourselves in this area but wanted to reclaim it with a positive memory…   Read More >>

May 1, 2014

Miranda’s Take on The Tuskegee Airmen

Hangar 1

‘The Tuskegee Airmen are on the march once again!’ - Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. This is one of those lines we quote a lot. So when we realized that we would be passing by ‘The Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site’, we knew we would have to stop by. It was pretty lonely. The only thing in abundance that we could see were speed bumps. These were…   Read More >>

Apr 30, 2014

Plains, GA

Another take in Black and White

This was one of the best kind of stops; unplanned, last-minute, and enjoyable. I actually found that we were close to Plains by using the History Here app - which I have but rarely think to use. I saw the Jimmy Carter Historic Site was only 30 miles away from our spot in Albany, and was roughly on the route we were taking. And it was another chance to use…   Read More >>

Apr 26, 2014

Miranda’s Take on BMX Racing

BMX poster

I’ve been interested in BMX racing ever since we visited Chula Vista’s Olympic Training Center and I saw some BMXers practicing there. I added ‘Practice BMX Racing’ to my bucket list, and figured I might have a chance when I was 35. Except the park we stayed at in Chehaw has a BMX course. I was really excited about going on the BMX course with my bike, but Harrison wasn’t…   Read More >>

Apr 26, 2014

St. Augustine

Memorial Presbyterian Church St. Augustine Florida

Our final destination in our almost two-months in Florida was America’s oldest city - St. Augustine. I have a mild interest in History. I’m not obsessive about it. If you want to read the particulars about who settled North America and when, you are on the Internet. Google and Wikipedia are your friends.  We visited mainly to see the Castillo De San Marcos National Monument - which claims to be…   Read More >>

Apr 24, 2014

Ode to I-10

Picacho Peak in Arizona, I-10 traffic in the background

Ah, I-10. 2,460 miles of blacktop stretching from Santa Monica, CA to Jacksonville, FL. Known in various places as the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway, the Veterans Memorial Highway, the Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway, the Doctor June McCarroll Memorial Freeway, the Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway, the Maricopa Freeway, and more. Expansive in West Texas. 26 lanes wide in East Texas. Bumpy in Louisiana. Windy in New Mexico. Scenic in Arizona. In…   Read More >>

Apr 20, 2014

Bob Seger on Full Time Traveling

Waiting for direction

“...I could go East, I could go West, it was all up to me to decide.” Roll Me Away by Bob Seger These lyrics from Michigan home-boy Bob Seger have been echoing through my head over the past week or so. When people ask us what our plans our we like to put on this show of chuckling and saying “our plan is to have no plan” or “plan is…   Read More >>

Apr 19, 2014

Meeting the Stauffers

Boyink and the Stauffers

Back in 2012 we got connected to some new friends on Twitter and traveled to meet them in person. This week we were able to close the whole loop by connecting back with the connectors - Matt Stauffer (and his family).  Matt and I have been connected online for some time, both working in the tech field and using some common tools. But our only in-person meeting was a short…   Read More >>

Apr 18, 2014

Last Train to…Silver Springs?

Wild monkey living in a Florida's Silver Springs State Park

When we purchased our kayaks Kyle (the seller) mentioned that they had used them to kayak where wild monkeys lived alongside the river. Wild monkeys? In Florida?  Sounds like a daydream - but I’m a believer! The place where the monkeys live is interesting in and of itself. Silver Springs, Florida proclaims itself the “first tourist attraction in Florida” and the birthplace of the glass-bottomed boat in 1870. Signs around…   Read More >>

Apr 18, 2014

Miranda’s Take on Leaving the Keiters

Keiter and Boyink Families

‘Goodbye’ is not ‘Goodbye’ The day we spend together was fun When our bright faces outshone the sun When we had to leave, no tears were shed No cheeks all wet, no eyes all red Does this mean we do not care for one another? About our sister? About our brother? Does this mean all we did was a waste? Does this mean we’ll part ways and make haste? No,…   Read More >>

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