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Apr 24, 2014

Ode to I-10

Picacho Peak in Arizona, I-10 traffic in the background

Ah, I-10. 2,460 miles of blacktop stretching from Santa Monica, CA to Jacksonville, FL. Known in various places as the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway, the Veterans Memorial Highway, the Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway, the Doctor June McCarroll Memorial Freeway, the Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway, the Maricopa Freeway, and more. Expansive in West Texas. 26 lanes wide in East Texas. Bumpy in Louisiana. Windy in New Mexico. Scenic in Arizona. In…   Read More >>

Apr 20, 2014

Bob Seger on Full Time Traveling

Waiting for direction

“...I could go East, I could go West, it was all up to me to decide.” Roll Me Away by Bob Seger These lyrics from Michigan home-boy Bob Seger have been echoing through my head over the past week or so. When people ask us what our plans our we like to put on this show of chuckling and saying “our plan is to have no plan” or “plan is…   Read More >>

Apr 19, 2014

Meeting the Stauffers

Boyink and the Stauffers

Back in 2012 we got connected to some new friends on Twitter and traveled to meet them in person. This week we were able to close the whole loop by connecting back with the connectors - Matt Stauffer (and his family).  Matt and I have been connected online for some time, both working in the tech field and using some common tools. But our only in-person meeting was a short…   Read More >>

Apr 18, 2014

Last Train to…Silver Springs?

Wild monkey living in a Florida's Silver Springs State Park

When we purchased our kayaks Kyle (the seller) mentioned that they had used them to kayak where wild monkeys lived alongside the river. Wild monkeys? In Florida?  Sounds like a daydream - but I’m a believer! The place where the monkeys live is interesting in and of itself. Silver Springs, Florida proclaims itself the “first tourist attraction in Florida” and the birthplace of the glass-bottomed boat in 1870. Signs around…   Read More >>

Apr 18, 2014

Miranda’s Take on Leaving the Keiters

Keiter and Boyink Families

‘Goodbye’ is not ‘Goodbye’ The day we spend together was fun When our bright faces outshone the sun When we had to leave, no tears were shed No cheeks all wet, no eyes all red Does this mean we do not care for one another? About our sister? About our brother? Does this mean all we did was a waste? Does this mean we’ll part ways and make haste? No,…   Read More >>

Apr 13, 2014

Fifth Wheel Towing Tips

Tips for Fifth Wheel Towing

Our friends the Towers just picked up their fifth wheel in preparation for launching on their own family travel adventure from West Michigan. I wanted to give them some fifth-wheel pulling tips but figured a blog post was better as other fifth-wheel newcomers could benefit from it. The advice below is from our own experience of pulling first a 30’ fifth wheel and then our current 34’ fifth wheel over…   Read More >>

Apr 10, 2014

The Third in my Four Corners of the USA Quest

Boyink kids watching the sunrise

‘I collect places.” It’s an odd thing to say, but becoming very true as we continue this traveling lifestyle.  I’m on a quest to collect the four corners of the contiguous/mainland USA. I can’t seem to find any online references to these spots as a group, so maybe I’m alone in this (which would be so appropriate). I can’t even quite come up with a good pithy definition of what…   Read More >>

Apr 8, 2014


Sunset from our RV park

Marathon is about half-way down the Florida Keys. The location seemed just right for day tripping to any other sites on the Keys, including Key West. The Jolly Roger RV Resort (not overly “resorty” but really clean with decent amenities) ended up being a good place to park for 5 nights (at the Passport America 1/2 price rate). Our time in Marathon mostly consisted of grocery shopping. However, we did…   Read More >>

Apr 7, 2014

Key West Daytrip

It's an old sewer junction painted to look like a bouy and isn't even the southernmost point.

Maybe I’m not in a good frame of mind to write this post. But, sorry to say, I’m going to do it anyway. The concrete buoy is actually an old sewer junction that was dug up in the area and found too heavy and large to move, so it was painted up to look like a buoy. The marker is not even the southernmost point of Key West Island. The…   Read More >>

Apr 5, 2014

Sea Turtle Center of Marathon Florida

Loggerhead sea turtle

This morning I had a craving for donuts, so Mike and I set out to look for a bakery. The one bakery didn’t work out, so we stopped at the grocery store to look for pastries… and a lot of other things on my shopping list. While driving home we decided that hanging out in the trailer for the day at the RV park did not sound like fun, so…   Read More >>

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