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Aug 13, 2014

Family Adventure Podcast

Family Adventure Podcast

This week we did an interesting thing - tag team interviews with the Hemingway family of Wilmington, NC. They are a family of 8 who spent several years in a sailboat, visiting over 20 countries. They now run the Family Adventure Podcast and were interested in our story for that effort. They, in turn, subjected themselves to being interviewed by us for our upcoming book Ditching Suburbia.  We were especially…   Read More >>

Aug 12, 2014

My Baby Is Sixteen

Snuggling with Liberty at Bellwether Humane Society in Fremont MI

A little over a week ago I sat with Miranda and retold her the story of her birth day. I can’t believe it’s been 16 years since that evening. Sixteen Things About Miranda Story Writer Dog Lover Avid Reader 8-year-old Magnet Explorer Poet Animal Whisperer Adventurer Beach Comber Cactus Student/Teacher Supportive Sister Friend Focused Worker Home Fry Music Lover My Favorite Daughter Happy 16th Birthday, Miranda. I love you.    Read More >>

Aug 1, 2014

Makers Faire 2014

23 years of marriage to this woman!

Makers Faire? What’s that? This was the question we heard a few times this past week after MsBoyink and I attended (sans-kids but more about that in a moment) the Detroit Makers Faire. And it’s a good question. A good question in the way that makes you think for a few moments before answering it, wherein you try to calculate the relative geekiness of the person asking the question and…   Read More >>

Jul 24, 2014

Roy Campanella

Roy Campanella was born on November 9, 1921, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up poor, helping his parents feed the family by doing odd jobs. At 16, he was signed to the Negro Leagues. He didn’t plan on being a baseball player - he actually wanted to be an architect. However, his talent kept him in the Negro Leagues, and in 1946, the Dodgers took notice. When he was signed,…   Read More >>

Jul 24, 2014

Joseph Stalin

Ioseb Besarionis Dze Jugashvili was born on the 18th of December, 1878. He was born in the Russian country of Georgia, not be confused with America’s state of Georgia. Jugashvili is known more commonly as Joseph Stalin. Ioseb was the Russian form of the name Joseph, and Stalin means ‘Man of Steel’. He changed his name to make it sound more terrifying. As a youth, Stalin was beaten by his…   Read More >>

Jul 23, 2014

Ditching Suburbia

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“You should write a book!” I can’t count how many times we have heard that since we left on what was to be a one-year family road trip. We were blogging our experiences here on Boyinks4Adventure.com, though, so I would quickly deflect the idea. We’ve also written a book already (albeit in the technology space) so knew the work that would be involved in doing another. Some ideas need a…   Read More >>

Jul 22, 2014

The Call of (Jury) Duty

Markin Glen County Park in Kalamazoo, MI

We live on wheels. We can choose where to be. We can seek out good weather. We can look for natural beauty. We can locate ourselves by friends. We can find interesting events and line ourselves up to be close to them. But we are still anchored. We have to have a legal, residential address - a domicile. We can choose to declare domicile in just about any state -…   Read More >>

Jul 21, 2014


Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev was a Ukrainian composer best known for his ballet ‘Peter and the Wolf’. He also composed other works such as ‘Dance of the Knights’, and ‘The Love for Three Oranges’. Prokofiev wrote his first piano piece at five years of age, and his first opera ,’The Giant’, at nine. Besides being a fantastic composer, Prokofiev was also an amazing chess player. He was friends with Jose Raul…   Read More >>

Jul 20, 2014

National Baby Food Festival

Swinging at the National Baby Food Festival

Two things we wanted to do more of since ditching suburbia were volunteering and visiting small-town fairs and festivals. Sadly, we missed the Mike the Headless Chicken Festival in Colorado in mid-May, but thankfully we were solidly in place for Fremont, Michigan’s National Baby Food Festival. Why celebrate baby food you might ask? Fremont is the home of Gerber Baby Food.  The company was founded here in 1927 and although…   Read More >>

Jul 11, 2014


Jorge Agustin Nicolas Ruiz de Santayana y Borras was born in December of 1863 in Spain. He was more commonly known as George Santayana. Santayana was an infamous philosopher, but he was also a well-known author, writing essays, novels, and poetry. His first book of poetry was titled ‘Sonnets and Other Verses’.  He published around 30 books in his lifetime, including ‘The Sense of Beauty’ and ‘Scepticism and Animal Faith’.…   Read More >>

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