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Nov 26, 2013

North Korea South Korea

Japan officially added Korea to its territories in 1910. They used Korea’s resources in WWII, including 2.6 million forced laborers. After losing the war, they turned it over to both the Soviets and the Americans, who had an agreement in place to jointly occupy it. The USSR was to occupy the northern part of the country - north of the 38th parallel. The US would occupy the south. After splitting…   Read More >>

Nov 26, 2013

How to Prepare Shrimp

Fresh from a New Orleans seafood market

(WARNING! USE ONLY WHEN STARVING!!!) Fried shrimp is a delight Breaded shrimp a delicacy But when it is fresh from the sea Eating becomes quite messy First it has to be boiled in a pot Until it becomes light pink Then the water is done So just pour it down the sink Next comes the worst part Cutting off the head The eyes and tentacles are still attached It doesn’t…   Read More >>

Nov 26, 2013

Midwest Caravanning With the Keiters

Boyink and Keiter Kids

Ever since we met up with the Keiters in Oregon, Harrison and I have been affectionately referring to them as our brother and sisters. During the past few weeks, I have noticed that not only do we refer to them as that, but that we all act like it, too. The Keiters came to visit us a couple weeks ago in Dutch Treat. It took us only a couple seconds…   Read More >>

Nov 25, 2013

Finally, New Orleans

Beach view in Gulfport, MS

Well, we tried. That whole “take the back road” thing?  Not always going to work. From our overnight spot in Greenville, AL there was a decent secondary-highway route that would take us in the direction of New Orleans. It only added 30-some miles to the route.  We programmed Mr Ferguson (our GPS) and took off. And he had a different idea of what back roads to take.  After some time…   Read More >>

Nov 25, 2013

Moving On Again

Most of the time, traveling after an extended stay can be tough. We’re not in the right rhythm or the traveling mindset, and tempers can be short. I was slightly worried, having dealt with some depression while being back in Michigan. I found that being with friends does help this - probably because my attention was diverted from moving to the Keiters. Maybe getting our new trailer when we did…   Read More >>

Nov 23, 2013

Backroads through SC, GA and AL

Fall color with a touch of Spanish Moss

I know, I know. We read books like Travels with Charley and Blue Highways. We’ve heard people wax sentimental over taking road trips over just the “back roads” to see the “real America”. And it sounds so good. But the reality was - and still is to an extent - interstates are seductive. They’re the default of Google Maps and GPS’s - because we’re Americans and we want efficiency. We…   Read More >>

Nov 19, 2013

DC to South Carolina via Delaware

Ah....bliss in the woods after 2 long days of busy driving.

So - here was our dilemma. While in DC we were about an hour and a half from an unclaimed state on our now theoretical state map (we have yet to purchase a new one for the new trailer). But it was an hour and a half in the wrong direction. And if we drove there the “cool route” would add another couple hours to our overall goal of getting…   Read More >>

Nov 16, 2013

DC Day Six - House of Representatives & White House

You know the address.

Our last day of Washington DC exploration took us back down for a visit to the Gallery of the House of Representatives.  In order to see the Representatives at work we had to first visit the offices of one of our State Representatives (Michigan in our case) to get tickets. We found the building, cleared security, and walked the long tall marble halls until finding the office of Carl Levin.…   Read More >>

Nov 13, 2013

DC Day Five - The Archives and National Museum of American History

Looking up in the Main but unused entry of the National Archives

Today we made the trip back downtown DC. Our main objective was to view the documents that our country is founded on - collectively known as the Charters of Freedom. Comprising the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights - they are all on display in the Rotunda of the National Archives. It was sobering to look at the documents and imagine the founding…   Read More >>

Nov 12, 2013

DC Day Four - Medical Museum

Fetal displays of anencephaly and conjoined twins

Today our group of nine (the Keiter 5 and the Boyink 4) divided into two groups and headed to different museums in the DC area rather than head into DC proper.  Jenni, Crissa and I visited the Museum of Health and Medicine (aka The Museum of Severed Limbs, as it has been called in our house) while the rest went to the Air and Space Museum in Dulles. The museum…   Read More >>

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