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Mar 22, 2014

Miranda’s Take on the Swamp Walk

Clean, before the swamp walk

Editor’s Note: Here is the second in our He Said/She Said: Swamp Walk Edition I could sum up this blog post in one word: Ick. But just to say ‘Miranda’s Take on the Swamp Walk’ and write ‘Ick’, is not very interesting. So I guess I will have to go back into the murky mud of my misty mind and dig up what I remember. As we headed out into…   Read More >>

Mar 22, 2014

Swamp Walk He Said

Harrison tries some sawgrass

Editor’s Note: Today the four of us were scheduled for a ranger-led swamp walk in Big Cypress National Preserve. We all went in with different expectations, and we all left with different experiences. Following is the first of our He Said/She Said: Swamp Walk Edition. That went better than expected. Originally, the thought of wandering through muddy knee-deep water, not knowing where I was going or what roots/holes/alligators lurked below…   Read More >>

Mar 21, 2014

Hillsborough River State Park

Our spot in Hillsborogh River State Park

So, the reality is that between MsBoyink and myself one of us has been sick for a week. We caught a nasty intestinal bug that has kept from doing much outside the trailer or feeling that creative. We haven’t had much sickness while traveling and there may be a blog post about dealing with it specifically in the future. For now I just want to get a small post about…   Read More >>

Mar 17, 2014

South and Social

Boyink kids and Austin Grandparents

When we left the farm at the beginning of February, we knew the next leg of our travels would be more about people than scenery. I had made reservations for the next 7 weeks, starting in San Antonio, TX and ending near Tampa, FL. Reservations to meet up with the people at the end of this leg (my parents and the Keiter family) were set first. Then I began working…   Read More >>

Mar 11, 2014

Recapping our Farming Experience

Mark and Nancy - our farm stay hosts

We’ve been asked a couple times “so, how did the farm thing go?” and I realized that while Miranda had blogged about her view on it I didn’t do a good re-cap from the “parent perspective”.  No, we aren’t “not mentioning the farm” because something bad happened there. Quite the opposite really. Overall I don’t think it could have gone any better. Our Hosts Mark and Nancy were great. Mark…   Read More >>

Feb 27, 2014

Miranda’s Take on Swimming With Manatees

Adorably Curious

Today I swam with manatees. This not a very interesting sentence. Now, if I had said, “Today I swam with dolphins’ that would be a more interesting sentence, and more people would feel compelled to read more. But I did not swim with dolphins today. I swam with manatees. Now, I did not especially want to swim with manatees. It was not an activity that crossed my mind very often.…   Read More >>

Feb 27, 2014

Barbara Manatee

Barbara Manatee

The alarm goes off at 5:00am. Mike gets up and dresses for the morning, opting for swim trunks rather than briefs. As the coffee brews, the kids and I get up and dress in a similar fashion. After a quick cup off coffee and a bite of breakfast, we walk into the dark, wet, chilly morning and head to the truck. A few miles down the road, we arrived at…   Read More >>

Feb 26, 2014

Family Photos

The Boyink Family by Marcus Neto

I mentioned in my Mobile, AL writeup that we had some family photos taken by our friend Marcus Neto. Marcus did an excellent job - what you don’t see in the finished product is scrambling against Mardi Gras traffic, rushing against a setting sun hoping for a bit of a sunset to shoot against.  We’ve already used the photos in places here on the site and on our Facebook pages…   Read More >>

Feb 26, 2014

Curmudgeons in Mobile

Marcus Neto and Mike Boyink

I’m old for what I do. I started web development early on - developing my first site around 1996. If internet years are like dog years that makes me the web developer equivalent of a guy with a walker, flapping his gums at traffic, wearing a bathrobe all day. In my last class I was teaching people literally half my age (and they weren’t fresh out of school either). If…   Read More >>

Feb 22, 2014

Miranda’s Take on Mardi Gras


Past go the dancers, walking in time to the beat, looking tired and defeated. The marching band is behind them, only the drummers making any music. They all look sad. No one is smiling in the band, and no one is clapping from the audience. Then approaches a float and the people on the sides of the streets go wild as goodies and trinkets rain down upon them. “Moon pies!”…   Read More >>

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