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Sep 12, 2014


Toscanini was a famous Italian conductor. Born Arturo Toscanini in 1867 in Parma, Italy, he studied at the conservatories of Parma and Milan, wanting to become a cellist (a cello player). When Toscanini was 19, he was abruptly called upon to fill in for an absent conductor, and he conductor the opera ‘Aida’ from memory. Since then, Toscanini was directed operas such as ‘La Boheme’, and ‘Pagliacci’. Toscanini married Carla…   Read More >>

Sep 9, 2014

Jose Perón

Juan Perón was born on October 8, 1895. When Juan was 6, his father moved to a harsher region of Argentina, Patagonia. Juan was sent to a boarding school at age 9, and moved to the military college at 16. He was assigned to a post in the infantry, and ended up commanding it. He kept moving up in the system, and eventually became a military observer in Europe in…   Read More >>

Sep 4, 2014

Rock Around the Clock

Nope. Didn't Do it.

‘Rock Around the Clock’ is a rockabilly song remembered most as performed by Bill Haley and the Comets, although it was written by Max Freedman and James Myers and performed by Sonny Dae and His Knights. Myers says, however, that the song was written for Haley, so Bill Haley and the Comets did not really cover the song. Bill Haley recorded ‘Rock Around the Clock’ in 1954. It was undisputedly…   Read More >>

Sep 4, 2014

Roy Cohn

Roy Cohn was born on February 27, 1927. He chose a career in law, and graduated from Columbia Law School in 1947. He joined the Justice Department as an attorney, and was part of the prosecuting team during the Rosenberg trial. Joe McCarthy then decided to have Cohn join his team in the Communist witch hunt. While they never actually convicted anyone, they wrecked a few careers. After his time…   Read More >>

Aug 30, 2014

John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller was born on July 8, 1839. His father, William, was a vagabond, leaving his family regularly to go sell his “medicines”. His dream was to become a musician, but his first job was as an accountant in 1855. In 1859, he formed a produce wholesale company with a friend, Maurice B Clark. They made enough money from this to build their first oil well. They kept making…   Read More >>

Aug 29, 2014


Nuh-uh, no we didn't.

Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein was born in 1918 in Alexandria. In 1938, Nasser graduated school and joined the Egyptian Army fighting against the British. In 1948, however, Nasser was wounded in action. In the next four years, he killed King Farouk, who ruled over Egypt at the time. Then a man named Naguib became prime minister of Egypt until Nasser killed him as well and named himself ruler of Egypt.…   Read More >>

Aug 24, 2014

A Love Letter

Miranda Hearts Wifi

Dear Wifi, I finally found the words I’ve always wanted to say to you. For starters, I need you with me. I know you’ve always been an on-again off-again kind of guy, but without you I’m spinning like a beach ball. I’ll let you decide if we go fast or slow. I’d prefer to go fast, but it’s okay if you’re not comfortable with that. I want you to know…   Read More >>

Aug 23, 2014


Georgy Maximilianovich (love that name) Malenkov was born on January 13, 1902 in Kazakhstan. Malenkov graduated school with flying colors and enlisted in the Red Army to fight during the Russian civil war in 1919. He left the army in 1920 to join the Communist party. Malenkov quickly became one of Joseph Stalin’s confidants, which helped him rise in rank in the Party. Stalin made Malenkov his personal secretary in…   Read More >>

Aug 19, 2014

Communist Bloc

After World War II, the alliance of the USSR and the United States fell apart. The vast differences in the political structures of the countries turned them into enemies. The United States started to promote and protect democracy, while the USSR took over and enforced communism across many countries - what turned into the Eastern Bloc. At the end of the war, the USSR was still nervous about Germany and…   Read More >>

Aug 13, 2014

Family Adventure Podcast

Family Adventure Podcast

This week we did an interesting thing - tag team interviews with the Hemingway family of Wilmington, NC. They are a family of 8 who spent several years in a sailboat, visiting over 20 countries. They now run the Family Adventure Podcast and were interested in our story for that effort. They, in turn, subjected themselves to being interviewed by us for our upcoming book Ditching Suburbia.  We were especially…   Read More >>

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