Our Travels in September 2011

Yellowstone - Day 2

Yellowstone Textures

As we drove into Yellowstone for a second time, I was excited to visit some new places recommended by a travel-loving couple, the McNavigators, as well as catch a couple of things we skipped on day one. As we drove alongside the Madison River, we hit our first congested spot (as we had the day before). Elk were grazing alongside the water and the people were pulled off the road…   Read More >>

Yellowstone - Day 1

Steam reflections at Yellowstone

If you’re going to take the Great American Roadtrip, there are some visits that, to my mind, are non-negotiable.  You must see Niagara Falls.  You must see the Grand Canyon  You must see Yosemite.  You must see Mt. Rushmore (stay tuned). And you must see Yellowstone. Yes - there are dozens if not hundreds of other special places in our country - between national parks, state parks, county parks and…   Read More >>

Camp Hosting: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Great Camphosting Experiment

It’s been just over a week since we hitched up the trailer and hit the road again. It feels so good to be moving and experiencing new things. It’s also been good to let a few days pass before posting a bit about our camphosting experience. As with any “job” there were good and not-so-good parts. Here’s a sampling of what we experienced: The Good: People The other three camphost…   Read More >>

Three State Trek

Laundromat with RV Park

After stopping in West Yellowstone and checking on RV Park prices (a minimum of $50 per night with hook-ups and kid tax), we decided to drive 13 miles west to a campground that accepts Passport America. We set up, Mike started working, I took a nap, and the kids went in search of the advertised rec room. What Storybird and Data found was a dusty room with passed-down equipment—foosball machine…   Read More >>

Montana Friends

Wheat Montana Bakery

This past February we had the privilege of meeting up with another RV-living, road-tripping family, the Ticknors. The adults and kids hit it off so well during our short time together that we had hopes of meeting up with them again in Montana (where they spend the summer). This week, we got our chance. On our way to Yellowstone, we took a short detour to Helena for an afternoon of…   Read More >>

Catching Our Breath

Data Runs Through It

We left the Olympic Peninsula on a Tuesday. Spent the day in Seattle on Wednesday. Drove a few hours and stayed over night in Vantage, WA on Thursday (I still had to shower in our tiny trailer shower because I didn’t want to pay for a shower at the state park). Stopped in Spokane for a quick RV check and lunch with fellow ExpressionEngine developer Jeff Claeson on Friday afternoon…   Read More >>

Flexibility and Being Inconvenienced

Being inconvenienced while getting a trailer repair

“You guys have guts.” “You’re pretty brave.” “That takes some big ____’s” “It’s a bit risky, isn’t it?” Over the past 11 months we’ve had dozens of conversations about this big adventure we’re on.  People have stopped us at rest areas and grocery stores, walked into our campsites at campgrounds, and sent us email after following us through small rural towns - all after seeing the “Family of four on…   Read More >>


Pike Place Market in Seattle

Our first destination after wrapping our camp-hosting job in the Olympic Peninsula was Seattle.  While we thought we might get there while camp-hosting, what we found was that while as the crow flies the two locations were decently close, the trip was made more complex by all the water in the area.  The drive could be short but expensive using the local ferries, or cheaper but longer by driving around. …   Read More >>

No to Reality TV, Yes to a Podcast


This week found us getting a bit of media attention for our family adventure; some real and some proposed but declined.  Let’s start with the latter. A little over a week ago I received the following email: My name is ________ and I work in the Casting & Talent Development Department at _______________ in Burbank, CA. We are a television production company that produces many hours of on-air programming. I…   Read More >>

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