Dec 18, 2014

Who are the People In Your Neighborhood?

Community brunch for our neighborhood

Community. That one word comes up a lot in talking about a nomadic lifestyle. Fear of losing it keeps people from launching out of suburban lifestyles. Lack of it while traveling causes people to get back off the road. Community and being nomadic aren’t mutually exclusive. It takes work. As much as I dislike the word in general use you have to be intentional about placing yourself by others of…   Read More >>

Dec 5, 2014

Palatka, Fl & Thanksgiving 2014

Our spot at the Rodman recreation area

The holidays are often a time of stress for many people. For nomadic travelers, holidays can have the added stress of making sure they have a campground reservation for that time. Guess who didn’t have a reservation for the week of Thanksgiving? Did you know that Florida State Parks may be completely booked for fall holiday weekends? Who knew that many private parks are mostly filled up by winter snowbirds…   Read More >>

Dec 4, 2014

Children of Thalidomide

Thalidomide is a prescription drug that was originally used to help morning sickness in pregnant women. It was soon so widely used that it became an over-the-counter drug in Germany. Soon afterward however, at least 7,000 infants were born with defects, such as shortened limbs, or deformed eyes or hearts. Only 40% of those children survived. Thalidomide was first used in 1957 in West Germany. After finding out that it…   Read More >>

Nov 28, 2014

California Baseball Relocation

During the 1957 season, New York had three MLB baseball teams. Brooklyn Dodgers’ owner Walter O’Malley and New York Giants’ owner Horace Stoneham had watched the Boston Braves move to Milwaukee, the St. Louis Browns move to Baltimore, and the Philadelphia Athletics move to Kansas City within the past 4 seasons. Both New York teams watched as their attendance dropped for various reasons, and the owners got fed up. As…   Read More >>

Nov 28, 2014

Chou En-Lai

Chou En-lai, or Zhou Enlai, was a Chinese Communist Premier. After living with his uncle to receive his childhood education, he became active with the many university student demonstrations, and ended up being arrested and jailed for six months due to it. He left for a work-study arrangement in France in 1920. While in France, Zhou became a Communist believer. He returned to China in time to take part in…   Read More >>

Nov 26, 2014


Boris Pasternak was born on the 10th of February, 1890. He was a Russian poet, novelist and literary translator. Boris Pasternak’s most famous novel was titled ‘Doctor Zhivago’. One of my favorite poems that Pasternak wrote is ‘Winter Sky’. Winter Sky Ice-chips plucked whole from the smoke, the past week’s stars all frozen in flight, Head over heels the skater’s club goes, clinking its rink with the peal of night.…   Read More >>

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