The Treasure Hunt

The Cast of Characters

A small padlocked wooden treasure chest. A scrawled note. A cryptic photo. Two families and two friends, ready for an adventure. The Cast of Characters: Harrison. A lot of curly brown hair atop a very tall man with a voice of drums. Miranda (also presently known as The Narrator). A young lady who spurns public-schooled teenage girls and loves to watch dogs run. Bertle. Sister to all those below, she’s…   Read More >>

Sangamo - a Steampunk Robot Dog

Sangamo - a steampunk robot dog.

Here is the first sculpture creation for our new VintageTechRevisions hobby/side business - Sangamo, the two-faced steampunk robot dog. He’s about 8” x 6” and would look great sitting on your tech-company desk. He’s made from mostly 1950’s era electronic components and even though he’s a robot feels the need to quell those natural urges that come to all dogs. You can purchase Sangamo over on Etsy Store or read…   Read More >>


The Wickham gang - photo by Jonathon Tracy

I can’t live without people. I can’t love without people. I wouldn’t be here if not for people. I’d be stuck in some stinky alleyway, cursing out God and worshipping the devil. Instead, I’m involved in the world, loving God and shunning the devil, surrounded by the wonderful amazing people I was destined to meet. People that put a smile on my face every day. People that make me feel…   Read More >>

This Week on Wickham: Episode 4

One final oceanfront sunrise

A month-long stay at Wickham Park. It literally changed our lives. I’m sure I will write a philosophical, poetic and/or emotional post later. For now I want to offer a taste of what we experienced. Interviews for Ditching Suburbia Business and schooling as usual Community dinner Treasure Hunt - created by and hosted by our pirate, Jonathon (this will have its own post) Movie night: Princess Bride on the back…   Read More >>

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About Us

Da Boyinks!

Howdy! We are the Boyinks - a family of four who left Holland, Michigan for a one-year family roadtrip around the USA and ended up with a new life. We sold our house, gave away most of our stuff, and are now full-time 'technomads' - traveling while still working and schooling. Read more about us or read entries from our travel journal.